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author: Masahiro Yamada <> 2019-04-28 13:45:36 -0400 committer: Theodore Ts'o <> 2019-04-28 13:45:36 -0400 commit: 28ba53c07638f31b153e3a32672a6124d0ff2a97 parent: 0a790fe4389d88253563c5e22bea47e6d357b525
Commit Summary:
unicode: refactor the rule for regenerating utf8data.h
1 file changed, 4 insertions, 5 deletions
diff --git a/fs/unicode/README.utf8data b/fs/unicode/README.utf8data
index dd56ef50c5d5..9307cf0727de 100644
--- a/fs/unicode/README.utf8data
+++ b/fs/unicode/README.utf8data
@@ -55,15 +55,14 @@ released version of the UCD can be found here:
-To build the utf8data.h file, from a kernel tree that has been built,
-cd to this directory (fs/unicode) and run this command:
+Then, build under fs/unicode/ with REGENERATE_UTF8DATA=1:
-	make C=../.. objdir=../..
+	make REGENERATE_UTF8DATA=1 fs/unicode/
-After sanity checking the newly generated file (the
+After sanity checking the newly generated utf8data.h file (the
 version generated from the 12.1.0 UCD should be 4,109 lines long, and
 have a total size of 324k) and/or comparing it with the older version
-of utf8data.h, rename it to utf8data.h.
+of utf8data.h_shipped, rename it to utf8data.h_shipped.
 If you are a kernel developer updating to a newer version of the
 Unicode Character Database, please update this README.utf8data file