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author: Eric Biggers <> 2019-07-22 09:26:21 -0700 committer: Eric Biggers <> 2019-07-28 16:59:16 -0700 commit: 671e67b47e9fffd12c8f69eda853a202cb5b3fc5 parent: fe9918d3b228b3e8c726849d1486933f46b9069e
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fs-verity: add Kconfig and the helper functions for hashing
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diff --git a/fs/verity/Kconfig b/fs/verity/Kconfig
new file mode 100644
index 000000000000..c2bca0b01ecf
--- /dev/null
+++ b/fs/verity/Kconfig
@@ -0,0 +1,38 @@
+# SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0
+config FS_VERITY
+	bool "FS Verity (read-only file-based authenticity protection)"
+	select CRYPTO
+	# SHA-256 is selected as it's intended to be the default hash algorithm.
+	# To avoid bloat, other wanted algorithms must be selected explicitly.
+	select CRYPTO_SHA256
+	help
+	  This option enables fs-verity.  fs-verity is the dm-verity
+	  mechanism implemented at the file level.  On supported
+	  filesystems (currently EXT4 and F2FS), userspace can use an
+	  ioctl to enable verity for a file, which causes the filesystem
+	  to build a Merkle tree for the file.  The filesystem will then
+	  transparently verify any data read from the file against the
+	  Merkle tree.  The file is also made read-only.
+	  This serves as an integrity check, but the availability of the
+	  Merkle tree root hash also allows efficiently supporting
+	  various use cases where normally the whole file would need to
+	  be hashed at once, such as: (a) auditing (logging the file's
+	  hash), or (b) authenticity verification (comparing the hash
+	  against a known good value, e.g. from a digital signature).
+	  fs-verity is especially useful on large files where not all
+	  the contents may actually be needed.  Also, fs-verity verifies
+	  data each time it is paged back in, which provides better
+	  protection against malicious disks vs. an ahead-of-time hash.
+	  If unsure, say N.
+	bool "FS Verity debugging"
+	depends on FS_VERITY
+	help
+	  Enable debugging messages related to fs-verity by default.
+	  Say N unless you are an fs-verity developer.