VisionFive2 Linux kernel

StarFive Tech Linux Kernel for VisionFive (JH7110) boards (mirror)

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author: Christoph Hellwig <> 2019-04-30 06:51:30 -0400 committer: Jonathan Corbet <> 2019-05-03 06:34:32 -0600 commit: 62be257e986dab439537b3e1c19ef746a13e1860 parent: 8ea8814fcdcb32cc667d090455649893a362c658
Commit Summary:
LICENSES: Rename other to deprecated
0 files changed, 0 insertions, 0 deletions
diff --git a/LICENSES/other/GPL-1.0 b/LICENSES/deprecated/GPL-1.0
similarity index 100%
rename from LICENSES/other/GPL-1.0
rename to LICENSES/deprecated/GPL-1.0
diff --git a/LICENSES/other/ISC b/LICENSES/deprecated/ISC
similarity index 100%
rename from LICENSES/other/ISC
rename to LICENSES/deprecated/ISC
diff --git a/LICENSES/other/Linux-OpenIB b/LICENSES/deprecated/Linux-OpenIB
similarity index 100%
rename from LICENSES/other/Linux-OpenIB
rename to LICENSES/deprecated/Linux-OpenIB
diff --git a/LICENSES/other/X11 b/LICENSES/deprecated/X11
similarity index 100%
rename from LICENSES/other/X11
rename to LICENSES/deprecated/X11