VisionFive2 Linux kernel

StarFive Tech Linux Kernel for VisionFive (JH7110) boards (mirror)

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author: Alexey Dobriyan <> 2021-04-15 20:36:07 +0300 committer: Masahiro Yamada <> 2021-04-25 05:26:10 +0900 commit: 0e0345b77ac4605d5447b252d220e4a2ee118da7 parent: e3456056f1d935491ee9148dbae98c6b95f58910
Commit Summary:
kbuild: redo fake deps at include/config/*.h
1 file changed, 1 insertion, 1 deletion
diff --git a/init/Kconfig b/init/Kconfig
index b5744d32c4df..c2339da03468 100644
--- a/init/Kconfig
+++ b/init/Kconfig
@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ config CC_VERSION_TEXT
 	  - Ensure full rebuild when the compiler is updated
 	    include/linux/compiler-version.h contains this option in the comment
-	    line so fixdep adds include/config/cc/version/text.h into the
+	    line so fixdep adds include/config/CC_VERSION_TEXT into the
 	    auto-generated dependency. When the compiler is updated, syncconfig
 	    will touch it and then every file will be rebuilt.